Monday, October 27, 2008


Grandparents: Jack and Irene Malone
16 x 19 in.
oil on wood

This is a painting of my grandparents that I did for my mom. I reproduced it from an old photograph of them that we had found when my grandmother passed away. We think the photograph was taken around 1940, my grandmother would have been around 19 years old and my grandfather would have been around 24.

Here's a picture (a pretty terrible one-I'll get a better one up soon) of the piece framed.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Out of sight, out of mind.

Here is a painting I did last year, I had never posted it and just came across an image of it the other day. It was based off of a book I had read, "Evening" by Susan Minot. The story was about a woman on her deathbed, reflecting on a love in her life from 40 years earlier.
I sold the piece last year and seemed to have forgotten about it until now. It's one of my favorite paintings that I have done mainly because of how much I enjoyed the book. I think I'll re-read it (I do that a lot) and maybe even paint another piece based off of it :)

8 x 20 in.
oil on board

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A cover & a feature.

Here are two pieces I just did this weekend for the Seattle Weekly, a cover and a feature illustration. The article was about how judges are elected in Washington, and the lack of information voters have. The art director came to me with her ideas already in mind, and although these aren't exactly images I would normally paint, I enjoyed the challenge and feel pretty good about the outcome.

link to article:

Monday, October 6, 2008

The start of something...

If not now, not ever.
13 x 19 inches.
oil on board

The first of a new series, more to come...