Monday, March 30, 2009

In progress: collaboration

A little something, soon to be part of a bigger something...

More to come...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Poppies & Tv.

Most people who know me and my work, know that I can sometimes get a bit obsessed with different themes, subjects, objects, etc. and will repeat these things in my work until I move on to the next thing. My most recent obsession has been poppy flowers. It started with the poppy field I painted in my Wizard of Oz painting, and since it has been a lot of little paintings and poppy sketches. Since I am not over this phase yet, I wanted to do a piece using the poppy as it is often recognized today-a symbol for war veterans.

Veterans Day
12 x 18 in.
oil on board.

I spent a while on this piece trying to get it exactly how I envisioned it. I feel happy with the final painting, the poppies were really fun to paint and I enjoyed using the old wipe-out technique in the background as well.

Also, I will be part of the group show "Idiot box" at Gallery 1988 in LA, opening April 2nd. They wanted the work for this show to be fun and humorous, so I went with a Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) dress up painting. It's a little bit of a different feel than most of my other work but I wanted to create another magnet painting for a bigger audience.

Carrie Bradshaw-magnetic dress up
13 x 16 in.
oil & magnetic paint on board

Dress Magnets
oil on board & magnet

-painting with magnets

-Carrie dressed up

-the magnets are fun to play with too :) (& I have no idea who this girl is)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I've been slowing down with my posts lately, but here's some stuff I have in the works: I will be part of "Idiot Box" at Gallery 1988 in LA. The show opens April 1st and will be hosted by Mr. Belding (Saved by the Bell). I'm sure it will be another fun show with tons of great work! I will also have work in 1988's San Francisco gallery as part of the Children's Book Show which opens May 1st.

I'm currently working on a collaboration with Monika for the Jewelry in Motion event at the PMA which will be part of the Snag conference, more on this soon!

And here's a new piece that was a bit of a challenge, as most portraits usually are for me. This piece started as an experiment, the spray painted stenciling was something I was just playing around with on some board, I then decided to use it as the background for an oil demo I did at the University of the arts. I thought I might play with laying some more delicate stencils over the face, I decided against that and added the veil although it's something I definitely want to try in the future.

12.5 x 18.5 in.
oil on wood