Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm a loner, Dottie, a rebel.

I am excited to be part of Gallery 1988's Crazy for cult show again! This year I picked a film that I pretty much wore the tape out of as a kid, and re-watching it as an adult makes me understand why I'm as strange as I am now, ha. So Pee-Wee Herman it is....The opening reception is Thursday, July 16th 7-11pm. at Gallery 1988 LA, 7020 Melrose Ave.

“I’m a Loner, a Rebel”
13 x 16 in.
oil on board


Engraved plate, replicating the one on the back of Pee-Wee's bike

Also, here is the solution I came up with for my reversible tree painting from my last post. I made it into a magnet so it can be hung either way on a magnetic board.

And on a different note, this is the 9th one I've found in the last month or so....

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kiersten said...

this painting is absolutely gorgeous!