Thursday, July 7, 2011

CRAZY 4 CULT: A show and a book.

I'm excited to be participating in Gallery 1988's Crazy 4 Cult show for the 4th time. The show opens tomorrow in LA, and in addition to the opening of Crazy 4 Cult 5, it is also the book signing for "Crazy 4 Cult:Cult Movie Art" which I am also super excited to be included in.

This year I decided to base my piece on Wes Anderson's Rushmore. I also decided to revisit the idea of an "interactive" painting, similar to what I did here & here. I really love the idea of the viewer being invited to interact with a painting, which for so long has had a "hands-off"' policy. I am also interested in the idea of giving the viewer a say in how they want the painting to exist.

Max Fischer
6 x 7 in.
Oil on wood (painting), ink on paper (library card), tassel


-library card: slides when tassel is pulled to reveal the different activities that Max was a part of at Rushmore.